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Custom Bath

Elevate your daily routines with our expert custom bath design and build services. From concept to completion, we specialize in crafting luxurious and functional bathroom spaces that cater to your unique style and needs. Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and functionality with our custom bath solutions, tailored exclusively for you.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the client to discuss their needs, preferences, and budget.

  • Gather information about the existing bath space, including measurements and any structural limitations.

  • Understand the client's lifestyle and how they use the bathroom to determine functional requirements.


Concept Development

  • Create a preliminary design concept that includes layout options, cabinetry styles, and material selections.

  • Present the concept to the client, gather feedback, and make necessary revisions.

  • Develop a rough estimate of the project cost based on the initial design.


Detailed Design

  • Refine the chosen design concept, including precise measurements and detailed drawings.

  • Select specific cabinetry, countertops, appliances, fixtures, and finishes.

  • Create a comprehensive design package for the client's approval, including 3D renderings and material samples.


Budget Finalization

  • Work closely with the client to establish a detailed budget that accounts for materials, labor, permits, and any additional costs.

  • Discuss financing options and payment schedules.


Permits and Approvals

  • Obtain any necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.

  • Ensure compliance with building codes and regulations.



  • Order all materials, appliances, and fixtures required for the project.

  • Coordinate delivery schedules to align with the construction timeline.


Construction Phase

  • Demolish and remove existing bathroom components if necessary.

  • Begin the construction process, which includes:

  • Framing and structural work

  • Electrical and plumbing installations

  • Cabinetry installation

  • Countertop fabrication and installation

  • Appliance and fixture installation

  • Flooring and wall finishing

  • Painting or staining

  • Lighting and hardware installation


Quality Control

  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure workmanship and materials meet the highest standards.

  • Address any issues or discrepancies promptly.


Final Walkthrough /

Project Completion

  • Invite the client for a final walkthrough to inspect the completed bathroom.

  • Address any last-minute concerns or touch-ups.

  • - Provide the client with all necessary documentation, including warranties and maintenance instructions for appliances and finishes. -

  • Collect final payments and close out the project financially.


Post-Project Support

  • Offer ongoing support to address any issues or adjustments needed after the project is completed. -

  • Ensure the client is satisfied with the final result and their custom bathroom meets their expectations.


Contact us today and schedule your consultation to see how easy this process is!

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